Slicing open the screen,
Possibility drenches in
colors sluice through the gap

A bubble of my own making,

and instead of climbing through
I mend the portal,
And I am again contained
Safely steeping in this familiar trap

Here reason is tethered to abstractions.
While life plays on the other side

My skin too
keeps bones from sight.
And it is so easy
to forget everything alive.

-n.bateson 2018


6 thoughts on “Maintenance

  1. I heard a wise man say, “Read your Alice.” , and so, here I envision an Alice hesitate to step through a looking glass. Also, I didn’t know you do poetry, but, of course, you must, I realize.

    Two sides has the glass.
    On one live Reason, Prose, and Rigor.
    On the other, Metaphor, Poetry, and Imagination
    Within the portal, there they meet, converse.


  2. Wonderful much is in that other side which is our subconscious notes and experiences..almost processed at the speed of light..nice to occasionally have that skin to keep us in our somewhat sane perspective..lovely!!


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