Awkward Invitation

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration

The world is in need of all of its 7 billion creative human inhabitants to assist in the journey into our shared future. This much is clear. But this collaboration requires an invitation which at present is generated by the same peoples whose ancestors implemented colonialism. Awkward. The do-gooders need to be very careful with this invite that it not be an assumed moral high ground. There is damage done. There is long hurt. The bullies cannot really go to the playground now, and suggest team spirit. Tread carefully. The great “we” of humanity is not a term to be used by the 1%, or the 10% or even the 20%… we don’t know from we. So, invite with humility, with willingness to learn, with apology, with full awareness that the decorations of your luxury living room have been gained over generations of exploitation of people and nature. Be careful with this term. The care taken is the invitation.

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